Room service 24/7

Room service 24/7
Room service 24/7
Working hours: around the clock
Place: any guest number. Order by internal phone: 2748 or 00

For your convenience, the Aerostar Hotel offers 24-hour room service.
Each guest room has a signature menu from our chef, where you can find a large selection of delicious snacks and full meals for every taste, as well as signature pastries from the hotel's pastry chef. In addition, the Bar menu has a wide selection of drinks with and without strength.

Pay attention to a separate section in the Menu - Pizza. Lots of options for every guest: from vegetarian to meat, tuna or cheese. Moreover, our chefs will add or replace the ingredient as you wish!

The order is made by the phone number indicated on the menu. Food and drinks are delivered as soon as they are ready or by a certain time agreed upon by the guest when ordering. There is no additional mark-up in comparison with the menu in the Lobby Bar.

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